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Justice delayed is justice denied.


We are a team of recovery specialists and Lawyers working together to capture, report and recover what is rightfully yours.

Having a transparent, real-time picture of your retail losses can be the difference between a healthy bottom line and a floundering business. With key insights into which departments, at what time of day and in what stores you have the highest number of incidents, tailoring your security and response strategy is a snap.

Practice Area

We are here to provide you civil recovery help!


Capture Reports on the scene

Reporting losses on the scene is the single best way to get an accurate picture of what is happening on the floor. We provide a way for investigators on the scene to capture what really happend in the same place you need to see it most.


Securely Monitor

Because losses are captured directly into the system, you can get a real-time picture of material losses.


File and Serve

In some cases, it makes sense to pursue civil recoveries for losses to your business. We handle that for you effortlessly and seemlessly.

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